Week of 6-7-16

posted by Danny Trankler on 06.07.16

PA Spring Turkey Season Conclusion

After a season of playing cat and mouse with a couple mature toms, I ended the Pennsylvania Spring Turkey Season with an unfilled tag. Although I saw a number of mature birds over the course of the season, I was not able to close the distance to tag a long beard.

As we headed into the season we knew from scouting the majority of birds in our hunting area were mature. We saw very few young turkey poults during the past few seasons and it has led to an older and more educated population of local birds. During the season, we found the mature gobblers to be hesitant around our decoys and more call shy than we have ever experienced. We also noticed the neighboring farms were hunted harder this year than in the past. This added pressure could have contributed to the turkeys being nervous around our decoys and calls.

Even though I did not fill my tag, I had a great season. I had the chance to hunt with my father throughout the season and I ended the season hunting with my son, Malcolm. My last hunt of the spring season was Malcolm's first turkey hunt and we had a mature tom gobbling within a hundred yards of our location. Ultimately, we were out called by the real thing as the gobbler turned on us and headed towards a hen vying loudly for his attention before he came into view.

All things considered, we had a great time and learned a lot chasing some old gobblers this spring.
Hopefully you had a good season as well.


- Garrett Boop 

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