Week of 5-9-16

posted by Korey O'Day on 05.09.16

Rachael Lackey was able to close the deal on an awesome Georgia gobbler!

Mother’s Day Present

My wife (Rachael) and I, with much excitement, were able to get out and chase turkeys over the mother’s day weekend. This is not as often an occurrence these days due to two little rug rats, but every now and then we can pass off the kids to the grandparents and hit the woods. The season in Georgia ends next weekend (May 15), but for us this was our last weekend. On Saturday we elected to go to a property that we had never hunted before, so we didn’t know what to expect. It was a beautiful crisp, cool morning for this time of year, but gobbling was poor. We heard one gobble in the next county and only one jake on the property we were hunting. Needless to say, the morning was a bust.

My wife was starting to feel the pressure knowing that Sunday morning was her last shot at one (an Eastern that is) for the season. So Sunday morning we headed out on the family farm and hoped for the best. As darkness shifted to light all we heard were song birds. Not exactly what we wanted to hear….usually on our farm the turkeys start talking pretty early. A far off group of gobblers decided to chime in, and by this time the crows were up and calling. Finally, right where hoped there would be one, he fired off! Once he started, he gobbled pretty regular and then silence. After he flew down, it was crickets! Surely, this late in the season he wouldn’t have hens, would he?

After a few short minutes of silence, a crow flew over and called, drawing a shock gobble. He seemed to be pretty much where he roosted. After he shock gobbled I gave him a cut and yelp and he responded immediately. Game on! After a couple of minutes I heard some drumming from behind us, so I peeked over my shoulder to see two long beards racing into the decoys!! “Here they come Rachael!” I thought they were going to attack the decoys, but they put on the brakes about 10 yds out and to our left. This left a difficult shot for Rachael and no shot for me. Needless to say, we didn’t get the double, but Rachael made a great shot and we bagged the double!

Update: Our farm is Southwest Georgia, so hunting turkeys into May is pretty late! Typically the birds at this time start to bunch up, which seems to be happening right now. I know that hens are in full swing of nesting and a few of the very first may be close to hatching. The gobblers seem to still be a little receptive and the decoys obviously worked great (Jake and Hen)! There is no doubt that things are winding down and this last week will be a hot one!

-Ricky Lackey

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