A Hunting Family

posted by Aaron Warbritton on 05.18.16

How long have you been hunting?  I always reply with "all my life".  This is not an understatement.  My dad and uncles had my cousins and I in the woods since we could walk.  We used little rambo bows to shoot deer targets in the yard, hunted with wooden toy guns, and tracked deer with the grown-ups.  We'd sit between their legs in the deer stand.  Walk behind them as they slid through the woods.  No video games, no cell phones, no noise.  Just the pure enjoyment of chasing wild animals for the dinner table with the people we looked up to most.

Aaron and his cousins Brandon and Jill at the Deer Classic in Missouri


Here is a quick story from my cousin Jill Palmer's season in Missouri.

2016 Missouri Spring turkey season was tough but successful. For the first time ever I tagged out. It didn’t come easy. On the days I did get to hunt we hunted most of the morning and went to multiple farms. This just proves you can be successful as long as you don’t give up.

I shot my first bird on Monday May 2nd. My dad had decided we were done for the day-we hadn’t heard anything. At 12:30 we started walking out. As we walked to the edge of the field headed to the truck my dad spotted a turkey. We both couldn’t get to the edge of the field without spooking the turkeys, so my dad stayed back and continued to call as I crawled to the edge. I ended up getting him 8 minutes before quitting time.

I shot my second bird on May 7th. It took my dad and I longer to walk to the woods than call in the gobbler. Once we got to the woods we walked in a little ways and Dad called. He was close, so we had to hurry up and find a place to sit. Once we got settled we discussed moving because we were in the open and afraid he would see us but he gobbled again and we knew he was to close so we just stayed were we were at. After a couple minutes of calling he came right to us. I shot him at about 20 yards with my new Remington 870 my husband gave me at Christmas.

I was so excited to fill both my tags with my dad. I always enjoy the time I spend with my dad doing what we both love. I cherish every minute of it. One of these days we will have to switch roles and I will try to call one in for him to shoot.  

Jill Palmer

Jill's 2nd Missouri bird.
















We aren't the best callers.  Don't kill the biggest deer.  Don't kill the most turkeys.  But nobody loves hunting more than us.  Hunting families are healthy families.  


Aaron Warbritton